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Aromatherapy Oil

Diana Summers has been a licensed massage therapist since May of 2018. Diana graduated from Nashville School of Massage Therapy in Franklin, TN in February of 2018 and within a few short months, became recognized as a licensed massage therapist in the state of Tennessee. Being a deaf therapist, she feels that she has the potential insight to employ her tools of massage therapy and bodywork services on a more intuitive level. Being deaf, Diana also understands her limitations when it comes to communicating to her clientele regarding pressure level during a session, and other reservations clients may have knowing she is deaf. Diana utilizes a hearing  aid in her left ear to enhance her abilities to communicate to her clients about everything the client shares with her regarding their treatment at the time of their appointment. Diana has also had several years of working in a clinical setting, starting at her parents' neurosurgery practice-Premier Neurosurgery and Spine Center-all the way to more recently being employed with Professional Massage Therapy. Diana feels confident that Summers' Haven, LLC will optimize her clients' experiences of a professional massage clinic, but with the additional relaxing ambience a home setting can offer.  

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