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Create Your Own (CYO)

Essential Oils:

Peppermint-healing properties to help alleviate migraines and headaches, nausea or hot flashes

Cardamom: part of the ginger family, and can be used as an uplifting aroma that can be refreshing

Lavender: healing properties of relaxation and calmness, helping to unwind or calm an anxious system and mind

Copaiba: a woody aroma that calms the nervous system and alleviates aches and pains, also acts similarly to CBD

Eucalyptus: refreshing minty aroma that alleviates the congested sinuses, and enhances a spa-like experience in your home

Frankincense: aroma that helps as an armor against general sinus problems such as runny nose, congestion, etc; also can enhance skin complexion

Orange, Lemon, Citrus Fresh: citrus aromas that are refreshing, rejuvenating and revitalizing for happier moods

Essential Oils Continued: 

Clove: Warm and inviting scent that calms the inner aura, can be used as a numbing agent for aching muscles and joints

Patchouli: another essential oil that can enhance the skin complexion, can be used for grounding and centering aromas for meditation

Thyme: aroma that can alleviate sore or achy muscles, especially after exercising or massage

Bergamot: For the Earl Grey enthusiasts, this aroma satisfies that earl grey craving, calming aroma and enhances a meditating session

There are no wrong choices! You can choose up to three aromas to infuse in your scrub and roller and it can be up to six different essential oils! Three per item

Create Your Own with our organic sugar scrubs and Rollers! Sugar scrubs come already with organic cane sugar and refined coconut oil and the rollers include fractionated coconut oil as the "filler", with the remaining becoming a wonderful blend of essential oils infused together to enhance your spa experience at home! 

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